With a short kiss
she left the room alone,
bridges of Venice sing on
the extreme wait
of a new warm
can you see the settled, sweet
and tender
mood in the
close eyes?
With a short kiss
he left the car
along the troubled
river called
needle pierce
the red snow
near the broadcasting
but the London tower's
sound smashing around
the joyful smiles.


Fifteen days in New Zealand.

Mr. Horley hid his face, at first, among the bottles,
fifteen bottles all full, grew the nerve.
The white shoes signed the way back,
Mr. Horley hid his hands in the bag,
Fifteen chairs around
The room waited for some
Gently golden planets,
grew the staidness.
Mr. Horley put the white shoes on,
"Diamonds, bread, lillywhites"
asked to the granma
sat on the silver
turning globe, sliding grass
burnt on the large terrace
in a small fish pond,
grew the drone.
Mr. Horley didn't know, in sequence, the long story,
the story of fifteen days in New Zealand,
grew the understatement.
In those days, while the rain marched
past on the coast, a little blue boat
ran leftwards, grew the harvest home



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A photo by my nice friend Annamaria Ippolito at the concert in the School of Music in Monopoli. Posted by Hello



two incredible nights

"NPLO meets PSYCHOMAGIC COMBINATION" with Joane Hètu (voice, sax), Jean Derome (sax and flute and voice), Gianni Lenoci (piano), Ab-grund (aka Giosuè Grassia) (live electronics)

Two evenings of unbelievable sonorous magic followed one another at the School of Music of Monopoli yesterday and the other yesterday. The sonorous combinations, first by the two very nice Canadian artists Joane and Jean in duo and then with Gianni Lenoci and Ab-grund in quartet, were really fantastic. Passing from primordial sounds up to cosmic sonority, then through really fascinating and exhilarating sonorous games in the losing of oneself in the sonorous labyrinth that is created, they have made an energy that the listeners appreciated a lot. Forming an unicum of feelings. This for the first evening. In the following evening to the four performers joined as much magistrally other 19 musicians that attended the workshop of Joane and Jean and they have also faced this experience of impromptu music with a lot of energy, satisfaction and curiosity.

Due serate di incredibile magia sonora si sono susseguite al Conservatorio di Monopoli ieri e l' altro ieri. Le combinazioni sonore, prima dei due simpaticissimi artisti canadesi Joane e Jean in duo e poi con Gianni Lenoci e Ab-grund in quartetto, sono state veramente formidabili. Passando da suoni primordiali fino a sonorità cosmiche, poi con giochi sonori veramente affascinanti e trascinanti nel perdersi nel labirinto sonoro che si è creato hanno reso una energia che gli ascoltatori hanno gradito moltissimo. Formando un unicum di sensazioni. Questo la prima serata. Nella seconda serata ai quattro performer si sono aggiunti altrettanto magistralmente altri 19 musicisti che hanno seguito il workshop di Joane e Jean e che hanno affrontato questa esperienza di musica improvvisata anche loro con molta energia e soddisfazione e curiosità.