Ironies sit on the saddle

Kiss wander
Through the shining plateau
In the silent light
Of your most tender eyes
"Hail magnificent Dawn
Hail charming Queen"
A persistent taste
Brushes squirting memories
While moods and smiles
Surround supple secrecies
And the ironies
Sit on the saddle
Catched hold of coloured reins
To invite you to the joy
In the dusky clouds, too.
Slip away
Skinny ointment
In waves and loops.
Over the highest chair-lift
Amusing intonation
Of conquered belonging
Happy bodiness
In the gentle and smiling look
On the brink of the River Craft
And still it's singing
With tenor voice
So run the hours
And still it's singing
With soprano voice
While I'm stroking
your hand.