Received from Shadow on July 2004

Let's turn June 26 into an international memory day for Marilyn Dammann.

Let's all honor Shadow by creating art the 26th, doing a performance, write
a poem, do a nature walk, choose the expression you're most happy with ...

Let's celebrate her life with joy, with love, light and magic; like she
always did!

I propose also you document (with text, images, photos, reports) what you
do in the corner of your globe and mail me these.

I'll unite all tributes and dispatch them as a whole to her close friends
and family members in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spread them again
in the mail art network as a tribute of the mail art network to one of its

So send your June 26 tributes for Shadow to:

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Marilyn Dammann, rest in peace

Dear Friends, Chers ami(e)s,English message followed by French one:
Dear Mail artists,
I have the very painful news to tell all of you:
Marilyn Dammann (also known as Shadow in the network) died
on Sunday afternoon, May 22, 2005.
She had spread a message she'd retired from mail art activities. The truth behind this message was that she was dying of a general cancer. Only a few people knew this and kept this a secret like she wished. She made a last trip with her children and grand children. Her beautiful house and garden in the UP that I visited twice will become a community arts gallery in her honor.
I'm very shocked and in deep mourning. The mail art network has lost one its finest members. I've lost a very good friend.
Let's all remember her in thoughts and art.
Postal Greetings,
Guido Vermeulen

I'm very sorry, too!!


"Please help Clementina. She has been taken. For three years she served 10,000 widows and 50,000 war orphans in Afghanistan. If you have any information, please call, ..." followed by the number for a telephone hotline. Yesterday, almost 1,000 posters were distributed, and an additional 2,500 posters were put up today. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of those individuals and organizations who have assisted in distributing these posters.
Care International
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Mail Art for Peace

I have been creating my "action painting" for many years.
Lifted in the midair with a crane, I throw down some bottles filled with colors and make a drawing on the ground. Now I am planning to complete this in one hundred
years!! This art is titled "Proof of Peace"' for when it is completed, peace will have been kept for as long as one hundred years.
I must continue to create this to fulfIll my promise to Bern Porter. He was one of the researchers who developed the atomic bomb. He intended to show a film, on which the tragic results of nuclear tests had been recorded, to the Showa Emperor Hirohito hoping to put an end to the war between the US and Japan immediately. However, atomic bombs were dropped over Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. He was conscience stricken and became a mail artist advocating world peace.
In 1987, he visited my office and he entrusted the peace-keeping movement to me.
In 1996, I was nominated by him as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. I have been in charge of the peace-keeping movement as a mail artist.
In 2004, my "action painting" was broadcasted. through J apan as the TV advertisements for Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.
As a part of the peace- keeping movement, I perform this "action painting" on every memorial day of atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I also perform this when we hold some other peace-keeping events here. This is a solemn promise that I made to Bern Porter. Now that he passed away, I would like to extend this peace-keeping movement from this peace base, which has the biggest yacht harbor in Asia. The exhibition is open on the memorial day of Hiroshima every year, and we are planning more events for him here.
I thank you in advance for your time and I'm looking forward your reply.

1-1-10 Koshienguchi
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
JAPAN 663-8113

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The Face Of A Woman

I dwell in the face of a woman

who dwells in a wave
flung by the tide
to a shore that has lost it s harbor
in its shells.I live in the face of a woman
who murders me,
who desires to be
a dead beacon
in my blood sailing
to the very end of madness.

Adonis, a Sirian poet
Translated by Kamal Abu-Deeb

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Il suono soffice

Io conosco il suono soffice
che vive nell'accorto,
provvisorio, spregevole
Io conosco l'oscillante
viaggio verso
il fuoco paonazzo.
Ma io non conosco
il nome di uno
scintillante, terrificante
postino che consegna
le mie buste
a tutti voi.

maggio 2005

The soft sound

I know the soft sound
that lives in the wary,
temporary, sneaky
I know the wavering
journey toward
the purple fire.
But I don't know
the name of a
glimmering, terrific
postman that
delivers my envelopes
to all of you.
may 2005


children for peace

I Can Use Words to Make Peace
by children from Highland Addition Community Center, Washington, DC

I can use words to make peace
I can use words to make peace by saying I love my brothers and sisters.

I love them without hate.
Peace is black and white,

Light brown and dark brown.
Peace is red, green, and black because the grass is green, blood is red,and black is the color of our skin.
Peace tastes like strawberry shortcakesand a juicy plum.

Peace tastes like pizza and God.
I feel peaceful when I help people.Peace is when there is no violence.Peace is when everybody is happy.
I help my parents feel peacefulby asking them questions and by giving them flowers.
My family feels peaceful when we laugh and joke around.I feel peaceful when nobody in my family dies.
I help my parents feel peaceful by helping them to love me and also helping them to like me.

All I have to do is put my mind to things because that makes them feel peaceful.
I feel peaceful when my mommy helps me to learn and when I'm in my room alone reading a book.I feel peaceful when the clouds come out.
School makes me feel more peaceful.It makes me smile because we learn and we write.
At school, I feel peaceful when it's quiet,because the teacher won't holler at anyone.
I feel peaceful when I'm doing my work and getting good grades, listening to my teacher.Because I won't stay back.I will pass to another grade.
At school I feel peaceful when I have friends because I have someone to play with.I can help kids become friends by playing with them.Then they will be friends with each other.
Peace is when you're playing catch,throwing the ball up in the air.Peace is playing basketball with my friends.
When I see kids fighting, I say," Stop fighting, y'all. Look out for one another. "You've got to say, " I'm sorry what I did to you, "and " I accept your apology. "And you'll be back friends again.
Peace sounds like" I'm sorry brother.I'm sorry for saying bad things to you. "
I can use words to make peace by saying I love my brothers and sisters my mother and father my friends and cousins my grandparents homeless people and poor people.
I love them without hate.

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Orange Mantles

Orange mantles on a sofa,
you write the legend
of the shark and the
mullah in the
new dissolute guestbook
while a white rat
scurries along the
large plaza in a
old little village.
The orange mantles
are waiting for
respectful postmen.
Are you engaged
in any discussion?




The aborigines used to avoid photographers because they thought that the photographer would steal their soul.

Ken's project

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Thanks to all the people that like this blog.
Through this blog I hope to communicate with many people around the world.
Like I do through mail-art.