Marilyn Dammann, rest in peace

Dear Friends, Chers ami(e)s,English message followed by French one:
Dear Mail artists,
I have the very painful news to tell all of you:
Marilyn Dammann (also known as Shadow in the network) died
on Sunday afternoon, May 22, 2005.
She had spread a message she'd retired from mail art activities. The truth behind this message was that she was dying of a general cancer. Only a few people knew this and kept this a secret like she wished. She made a last trip with her children and grand children. Her beautiful house and garden in the UP that I visited twice will become a community arts gallery in her honor.
I'm very shocked and in deep mourning. The mail art network has lost one its finest members. I've lost a very good friend.
Let's all remember her in thoughts and art.
Postal Greetings,
Guido Vermeulen

I'm very sorry, too!!

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