Received from Shadow on July 2004

Let's turn June 26 into an international memory day for Marilyn Dammann.

Let's all honor Shadow by creating art the 26th, doing a performance, write
a poem, do a nature walk, choose the expression you're most happy with ...

Let's celebrate her life with joy, with love, light and magic; like she
always did!

I propose also you document (with text, images, photos, reports) what you
do in the corner of your globe and mail me these.

I'll unite all tributes and dispatch them as a whole to her close friends
and family members in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spread them again
in the mail art network as a tribute of the mail art network to one of its

So send your June 26 tributes for Shadow to:

Guido Vermeulen, Vincottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels - BELGIUM Posted by Hello

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